When on School Grounds


Supervision begins at 8:40AM. At that time, children are permitted on the school grounds. All children should be off campus within 15 minutes after the last bell rings. 


Pets and other animals are not to be brought onto school grounds at any time. Animals are permitted at school only when needed for instructional purposes and when under the strict control of qualified instructors or handlers.

Toys, Games, Etc.

Students are not allowed to bring toys to school as it is a distraction to learning and often results in lost or broken toys. This includes trading cards. The school provides sufficient items for children to play with for both outdoor and indoor recess. CD players, Game Boys, or any other type electronic entertainment devices are not permitted on school grounds. Theft or loss of such items will not be investigated by school personnel.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not allowed on school grounds. 

Student Telephone Calls

If a student needs to call home or call another family member, they just need to ask the teacher or office staff. Every classroom and office space has a land line. 

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